Daily Yoga for Chest (PRO)

Daily Yoga for Chest (PRO)

This is a PRO plugin of Daily Yoga and requires subscription fee to unlock.

Please install the main app 'Daily Yoga' before using this plugin:

Store link: http://goo.gl/yuDqJ

Daily Yoga for Chest brings about yoga sessions based on a total of 20 carefully chosen yoga asanas, with 3 training durations for men and women to build chest muscles or beautiful breasts, also to boost the health of organs in your chest. Together with traditional yoga poses, quite a few variations will help you enjoy the unlimited benefits brought by chest yoga.

How does Daily Yoga for Chest prevail?
- Good figure building - This session keeps women away from breast ptosis by improving breast shape with postures of massage effects. For men, chest yoga helps building not very bulky but firm and flexible pectoral muscles.
- Spine toning - Through chest openers and back bends you are able to cure hunching, relieve pain and tightness in your shoulders and back.
- Abundant health benefits - Daily Yoga for Chest increases the breathing capacity of your lungs by fully expanding your chest. Through improved blood circulation in your heart region, you could reduce the risk of heart diseases (cardiovascular disorder, etc.) which could even be cured through constant deep breathing exercises.
Daily Yoga for Chest is also very beneficial for spirits improving since it could stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands so that a mental peacefulness shall be much easier to attain.
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A Google User
Jan 21, 2015
Every day yoga at home
A Google User
Dec 29, 2014
Love this session after work
A Google User
Oct 2, 2014
The application Daily Yoga has several different classes to choose from. The app itself and most of its classes are free, but you need to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to use classes labeled "Pro. " It is really worth it too, just compare $5 a month or $20 a year with the $20 a class you'd pay at the local yoga school, and I doubt the extra dollars would pay for superior instruction. That is not my experience.
A Google User
Apr 20, 2014
Love this app!! I have tried a number of yoga apps and this one is awesome! The pace is good, the instructions are clear and there is a great variety. I initially only intended to use the free app but enjoyed it so much that I upgraded to pro. The only regret I have was that I didnt buy the yearly optoon...
A Google User
Mar 24, 2014
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