Turn your device into flashlight with a single tap!

Flashlight. Nothing Superfluous.

Useful, simple and fast, this app enables you to carry a handy flashlight wherever you go. No need for complicated features and colors, take this super-bright light and don't be caught in the dark again.

Actual User Reviews

Marc Armitage: "Simple & easy to use. Clean with no annoying ads. Thank you. It is about time an app was just that & not an advertising board. :-)"

JaRod Saunders: "Mobile Flashlight is a very good app. Does the job."

jason ladd: "Great app. Love there's no annoying ads."

William Fields: "Love this flashlight. Use all time."

Tim Peden: "Effective Simple and works a treat! A must have for your phone!"

Isobella Howell: "Love it! Comes in handy all the time and its so bright!"

Kiera E: "Good and simple Its good, not super bright or anything special but its still good to use. Quick and easy."
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Android Market Comments
A Google User
Aug 8, 2015
Elegantly simple Nuff said
A Google User
Jun 15, 2015
Works like a charm, incredibley smooth
A Google User
Jun 1, 2015
Add more features. Thanks.
A Google User
May 13, 2015
Lacking Nice interface, should appeal to the Apple crowd with its solitary big red/green button. But it is annoying the way it won't stay on past screen timeout. Because you always find what you dropped in 30/60 secs...
A Google User
May 6, 2015
I never write reviews, but I had to write one and say this is by far the worst app on my phone. It has weird ads and the light turns off after a minute or so and you can't turn it back on unless you restart the app.