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A Google User
Nov 12, 2014
Life changing This app is oh.. I cant even..... Once I downloaded this app I wanted to tie some barbed wire around my neck and just pull. This app is so intence I wanted to eat my own heart and throw it up in an airplane while snorting Ebola. I seriously recommend this app to everone that has a hamster. Only people with hamsters with their name as Niggatron. This app gets you so smartacle, it cures Cancer, Ebola, and war. It makes world peace. Get this app before you get black tar heroin injected into your big toe.
A Google User
Nov 11, 2014
This app is fantastic. It really opened my eyes. I would also like to thank all the wonderful people who gave the reviews below. I'd rate it 6 stars if I could.
A Google User
Nov 2, 2014
Just what!!! Hey people, stop posting useless and fake comments when this app doesn't do a goddamn thing! All there is to it is "Click me" and then "K"! Just how is that life changing!!!! Oh dear some times I regret being a human!!!!!! And I hope there was an option to rate it in minus!
A Google User
Oct 31, 2014
Love it! Must have application!
A Google User
Oct 27, 2014
Must have for android users If there was an app that any developer dreamed to develop it would be this exceptional app. The extra ordinary service that this app has done to mankind is quite remarkable. Oh yes renaming the play store to k store would be a true testimony to this legendary app. I suggest all leading mobile manufacturers to have this app pre installed in their devices so that the vast android community can utilise this masterpiece and motivate many more developers to develop a,b,c,d,e... apps.