Lying Poses for Beginners

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Lying Poses for Beginners

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★ Introduction ★

This is not a session for lazy fellows:)

Even when you lie down comfortably, you are still experiencing a special yoga session with tons of simplified lying postures, either dynamic or static. You will surely miss those favorable twisting ones. Anyway the easeful restorative asanas will only be your rewards after completing some intense training.

Never mind. This is a session for beginners to manage skills besides body toning. All the contents are suitable for everyone and everyday practice. You could never imagine that you can bend, twist, stretch and be activated even when you lie supine on the yoga mat.

Benefits are obvious. Many yogis use lying postures to correct positions. When we lie down, we place our spine in an upright position. In this case one will never hunch back when practicing any kind of yoga asanas. Since Dolphin doesn't want you to be too at ease, you will not miss sweating with enough exercises.

Get yourself a clean yoga mat. A yoga strap might not be a must as a long towel also makes a good company.

Let's enjoy the way to be a happy yogi.
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A Google User
Oct 13, 2014
Excellent app A truly wonderful app for physical fitness. Tq very much.
A Google User
Aug 25, 2014
Stretching legs exercise Awesome
A Google User
Jul 31, 2014
Love it. And all the plugins u could want
A Google User
Jul 10, 2014
Feels great It feels really great to have such an app in my mobile which help me soothe my body and soul.
A Google User
Jun 20, 2014
Mr X Excellent