Meditative Harmony Pack (PRO)

Meditative Harmony Pack (PRO)

This is a PRO plugin of 'Daily Yoga (All-in-One)', and requires subscription fee to unlock it.

*** This app does not open on its own. ***
Please first install the main app 'Daily Yoga (All-in-One)' from Google Play before using this plugin:


This music collection is flowed with tranquil atmosphere and spiritual quietness. Limpid sounds of Sitar, gentle voice of chanting, down-tempo drumbeats and imaginary chord tones are breathing perfume from the ancient eastern world, guiding you to the mysterious land of meditative harmony.

This collection could be used when you are undergoing those relatively difficult and static yoga practices, regardless of breath control, zazen and posture holding, during which highly focused attention is much required.

Meditation music helps alleviating stress and nervousness, building elegant ambient for your mind to calm down. Hence you are more likely to enter a meditative state, to intensify the quality of training.
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A Google User
Apr 29, 2014
A Google User
Mar 5, 2014
Have to Pay to use this session :-(
A Google User
Dec 21, 2013
A Google User
Dec 18, 2013
This music makes me feel so calm and relaxed love it :-)
A Google User
Oct 21, 2013
Hello lightbeings of the world Peace and oneness among all Love is the main key...