Meditative Harmony Pack (PRO)

Meditative Harmony Pack (PRO)

This is a PRO plugin of Daily Yoga and requires subscription fee to unlock.

Please install the main app 'Daily Yoga' before using this plugin:

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This music collection is flowed with tranquil atmosphere and spiritual quietness. Limpid sounds of Sitar, gentle voice of chanting, down-tempo drumbeats and imaginary chord tones are breathing perfume from the ancient eastern world, guiding you to the mysterious land of meditative harmony.

This collection could be used when you are undergoing those relatively difficult and static yoga practices, regardless of breath control, zazen and posture holding, during which highly focused attention is much required.

Meditation music helps alleviating stress and nervousness, building elegant ambient for your mind to calm down. Hence you are more likely to enter a meditative state, to intensify the quality of training.
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A Google User
Aug 31, 2015
I have the app. When I attempt to install the meditating tracks there is an error code.
A Google User
Aug 31, 2014
Read the description! It says that it's not a standalone app. Why give it 1 star because you didn't read the instructions? The app is awesome and yes, I have a subscription. Truly the best yoga app out there, and I've tried other paid apps as well. This one has great instructions, visuals, and the closest to the 'studio yoga' experience I've found.
A Google User
Aug 11, 2014
Perfect for yoga Perfect for yoga
A Google User
Jul 19, 2014
Warning!!!!! This application is not free. Requires subscription fee to access it. Very deceptive and misleading!!! You have been lied to.
A Google User
Apr 29, 2014