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My Mobile Dating App

Skadate Mobile Dating Aplication
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Skadate Mobile Dating Aplication

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Android Market Comments
A Google User
Aug 30, 2014
To weak Oh no
A Google User
Jun 29, 2014
Good software Software looks very nice and simple to move about through the features. To the people that gave negative reviews you should read before you post negative thoughts like that. This is not a working dating software for you to meet people. This is for developers that are looking for the software to use and setup to create places for people to come and date. Good work to the staff and I will be contacting you soon on some of the features. Thanks and keep up the work in this direction.
A Google User
May 28, 2014
For the stupid people Guys, Skadate is not a dating website, this was put here to test the app for people who are creating their own dating websites, this download here is not designed to link to a dating website at all so it won't link up to a server. It's for developers, not people like you with these disgusting reviews, I suggest you actually understand what you are doing here before shooting your opinions based on an incorrect expectation from your side. I repeat this is not an actual dating app, it is for DEVELOPER testing with Skadate software. Works fine for me and my website, good support from the team as always. And NO I dont work for Skadate or affiliated to Skadate in any way, so don't try that on me either.
A Google User
May 26, 2014
To weak Oh no
A Google User
Jan 6, 2014
testing demo on Android I had no issues at all downloading this app and worked fine. I am very interested in assisting in the development of this app and this shows very good promise.