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Android Market Comments
A Google User
Jun 23, 2014
Pretty good Add some more words would be better!!
A Google User
Apr 17, 2014
Yupp It is a great app. You actually get to hear sound clips in patois and then the translation is there. I am a Jamaican and I smiled to actually hear my language spoken which can be heard by the universe. So big up Yuh self. Really good app.
A Google User
Mar 3, 2014
Good app Just gotta add more! You need 102. Lolol other then that its the best out there! More words and expressions.
A Google User
Oct 6, 2013
Nuff respect...small phrase directory but offers a beautiful and truthful history on Creole languages of Afro Caribbean people..Gwon now.. download dem!
A Google User
Jul 1, 2013
Review - Bad mon mi dung load di app den mi open it di ting all shown blak suh dass why mi uninstall dis.