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Android Market Comments
A Google User
Sep 23, 2014
Fours stars Because the game looks, sounds, and gameplay is better than 95% of games I've ever played on android. One problem, Nekogames: give us more time!!!!!
A Google User
Sep 7, 2014
Intense, Unique, and Absolutely Mesmerizing This game puts a new and challenging spin on the decades-old block breaker genre. After bouncing the ball off your pad, the game accelerates the ball and returns it to you, mere pixels above your platform. While the game doesn't overtly penalize you for missing the ball, you lose precious seconds, seconds better spent breaking blocks before the timer ends and the game is over. The game is highly dependent on reflexes and judgment. The only complaint I would give is that the background is far too convoluted.
A Google User
Feb 21, 2014
Great style, uninspired gameplay. This game looks great. It reminds me of Rez, which I absolutely love, but it's a shame that the gameplay is basically any other brick breaking game, except with a small twist. When you hit the ball back, it instantly snaps to where it would be after its ricochet, making this version slightly faster paced and more action oriented, rather than precision based. Unfortunately, this doesn't work well given the strict time constraints each level imposes on you, as it seems at odds with its own design.
A Google User
Jan 26, 2014
Fast, sleek, beautiful.
A Google User
Jan 18, 2014
a bit difficult, but really cool looking