Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation

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★ Introduction ★

This session is to guide you through the traditional sequence of Sun Salutation with detailed demonstrations of how breathing is coordinated with posture performing.

Sun Salutation is one of the most traditional sequences in yoga practice formed by a group of asanas that originate in behaviors of honoring the sun. The sun is regarded by ancient hindus as the heart of the world. She gives birth to lives and casts lights on human souls. To salute the sun is to show our gratitude for the infinite lights and warmness, and for the wisdom and self-illumination she brings to us.

Sun Salutation is the best warm-ups before a standard yoga class. Via postures of chest contracting and extending movements, it boosts up the respiratory system for more healthy breathing while promoting better blood circulation. As the brain gains sufficient oxygen, you are more likely to focus attention. All these will bring your body to an active state that makes complicated asanas become much easier.

Let the sun soothe our body and soul, Namaste!
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A Google User
Mar 24, 2015
Zen The real fitness app. Very useful. Thank u.
A Google User
Mar 21, 2015
Good I lake
A Google User
Mar 7, 2015
Love this app! An addition to my weekly yoga class - can do yoga in the comfort of my home. Helps me to get in shape physically and mentally. Absolutely love it.
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Jan 28, 2015
Very cool and impresive app this is what i am lookung for Good plugins for dialy yoga.. with excelent scree presence. I attracted bcz the way of presentation video is very impresive..thank you
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Jan 12, 2015
I salute this app! Absolutely perfect app for instruction, music, variety, community support and at all levels. Yes some of the programmes only become unlocked when you pay - but we're talking a lot less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month. I think it worth it. So glad I found this app!
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