Yoga for Runners

Yoga for Runners

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★ Introduction★

Runners always enjoy the smooth breeze during running while frustrated by some possible side-effects like bad backs and knees, tight hamstrings, and sore feet. If you too troubled with running pains, don`t worry, here is the solution, yoga. Drop your outdated mind that running and yoga are from different planets. The truth is, running and yoga make a good marriage of strength and flexibility.

Yoga for Runners contains Pre-Run training and Post-Run training two parts.

Pre-Run training focuses on body balance keeping, muscle strengthening and joint flexibility. Before running, just strike several simple yoga poses, stretch your body as warm-up, and adjust your body into the best condition for long-distance running.

When you finish running, never forget to refresh yourself. The Post-Run training is designed to restore, elongate, and loose the tense muscle. Through this exercise, you can slow down the rapid heartbeat and calm down your mind from stress. Also some stretching poses will help you avoid muscle mass after high intensity running and achieve a shaped body.

Regard running as the linear part of your exercise and yoga as its circular complement. Together with yoga, running is no longer a burden but a relaxation. Let yoga be with you, and listen to your body signal while running.
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A Google User
Mar 24, 2015
Nice Like yoga trainer & easy to use.
A Google User
Mar 21, 2015
Very nice & help us to stretch ourselves
A Google User
Mar 8, 2015
Let's give this a try! Need to give something a try why not, will resubmit a review after a few weeks! 🐞💜
A Google User
Mar 7, 2015
Very much helpful
A Google User
Mar 6, 2015
G0000d app Beneficial f0r every0ne
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