Yoga for Slim Legs (PRO)

Yoga for Slim Legs (PRO)

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Yoga provides abundant postures specifically targeting your entire legs. Somehow before we get it started, a full understanding of what causes fat thighs and calves is quite needed for troubleshooting.

Being sedentary stores a lot of fat in our thighs and makes swollen calves through poor blood circulation. Even when we stand or walk, we pay less attention to our unbalanced posture and this is the main reason to flabby legs and length discrepancy. To most women, loosing hip and thigh fat might be the hardest thing as their reproductive hormone also affects the result.

The remarkable features of how this session helps in sliming your legs are listed as:

- A full set of flow yoga sequence designed for quick leg toning results;
- Dynamic yoga postures employed to provide more aerobic and strength training;
- Every part of your legs, i.e. quadriceps and hamstrings, inner and outer thighs, calves and hip, will be covered in this session;
- Very effective in burning fat of your thighs, curing lymphedema of your calves and strengthening the leg muscles;
- Fit for Yogis of all levels.
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A Google User
Saturday 12:45 PM
This is BS!!! I downloaded, but it is nowhere to be seen. Its not even on my device. Wtf is the point of installing it if its not even there!!!
A Google User
Jan 14, 2015
Very very well done Thank you so much for making this app to exercise yoga easily. Love it. Thanks...
A Google User
Jan 14, 2015
Nice UI A perfect app for women with tons of yoga tips and the user interfaces are great. Helpful app.
A Google User
Jan 14, 2015
Helpful tips Tips are really very very helpful. I tried and helped, recommended.
A Google User
Jan 13, 2015
A 5 star app Great yoga tips are all together. Love this more than everything.