Yoga for Toned Arms (PRO)

Yoga for Toned Arms (PRO)

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★ Introduction★

Summer is a great time to show off your enviable toned body. No one would say no to slim and sexy figure especially for girls tied with spaghetti-noodle arms! However routine dumbbell exercise would definitely destroys the faith of toned arms. Again, why not try yoga?

Yoga for Toned Arms is designed as the best shaper for your arms. This Hatha yoga session combines dynamic movements along with static holds, which makes a good mixture to get your arms stretched, strengthened and toned. Exercises involving flexion and extension of the biceps and triceps keep every part of your arms fully engaged.

What's more, some stretching yoga poses specialize in lengthening muscles and tissues, which avoid muscle mass from traditional exercise, and by constant practice your arms will gradually slim down.

When you performing yoga, your body would reach a new balance and achieve the best condition. With the help of Yoga for Toned Arms, the unexpected result, that both sculpted arms and elegant figure will appear.
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A Google User
Nov 1, 2014
Very nice
A Google User
Oct 24, 2014
Hooked! Easy to follow with helpful video. Soothing music and voice.
A Google User
Oct 11, 2014
Very good
A Google User
Oct 3, 2014
Love it I like that it shows every move and even has a written account for them. I have tried several other and keep coming back to this one. And I spent the little extra and went pro.
A Google User
Sep 16, 2014
It is the best out there! I don't usually upgrade an app, this one is worth it!