YOKOOTO's Handbell

YOKOOTO's Handbell

***How to play***
Choose“Droid”and Shake your phone!!

You can choose any combination of sounds from “A”to “E”including half-tones.
You can change the sound depending on the number of taps.
silent > normal > half-tone down > half-tone up > silent...

Then...Just shake your phone!!

***The left-side panel***
-Mute button
Stop the sound

-Reset button
Reset all selected sounds

-Left arrow button
Scroll to left

-Right arrow button
Scroll to right

As an aside...
Japanese call Handbell "ハンドベル" .
Please keep in mind lol

The group of Sounds from "Yokohama Developers And Designers Club"

Recent changes:
Fixed a bug that is not configured for ease ringing sound when you first start.
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A Google User
Dec 26, 2013
Best handbell app!
A Google User
Dec 3, 2013
Awsome I love this app
A Google User
Oct 23, 2012
Great Simply no equal.
A Google User
Oct 23, 2012
Great Simply no equal.
A Google User
Aug 4, 2012
Best handbell app I've found This is great! Good selection of notes, and actually sounds like handbells. Can play chords too. App doesn't require any permissions to install (unlike a certain other handbell app which wanted permission to make phone calls - wtf??). Would appreciate note names in English as well as Japanese, but can't have everything I guess. :-)