Fast Web Install - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Does this work for all apps?
    No, only free apps can be pushed directly to your phone. Paid apps can still be installed via the traditional AppBrain sync mechanism.
  2. What about apps that are not available to my phone because of country or screen size restrictions?
    We show a red warning next to the install button when you try to install an app that we know is not suitable for your phone. If you try to install an app that otherwise would not show up in the market for you, usually nothing happens, or your phone will say 'installation failed'.
  3. I tried a number of free apps that are suitable for my phone, but still nothing happens.
    Sometimes your phone loses connection with the main servers from which it should get its apps. Make sure you have a properly functioning internet connection, and then try starting up the 'Google Talk' app and see whether you're online.
  4. The fast web install worked for me yesterday, but it doesn't work anymore today. What's wrong?
    The permission to install apps directly on your phone needs to be refreshed once every few days. Go back to the "Fast Web Install" app on your phone and click the button to give us the permission again. We are working on a future update that will optionally automatically refresh this setting.
  5. AppBrain keeps saying "Your phone is not synced yet. Please install AppBrain to get the app on your phone", but I installed AppBrain already, and I also synced!
    It can be that you have an app list that is not linked to a phone, and that this remains your default applist. Go to to adjust the settings of your default applist to a list that is synced to a phone.
  6. The Fast Web Installer doesn't work, and the box on the right of My Apps says "Not Available".
    Unfortunately a bug in a number of devices (most notably Verizon's DROID 2) prevents fast web installer from working. Every device has a ID number which identifies the device, the so-called ANDROID_ID, which is unique for the device. The DROID 2 and some custom ROMs set the ANDROID_ID to a fixed value, instead of giving each phone it's own ID. More information is for instance on this forum thread.
More information about how to setup Fast Web Installer