Recovering saved apps on AppBrain on a new phone or factory-reset phone

Make sure you have synced your old phone with the AppBrain website before you get rid of it or before you factory reset it.

Once you have your new phone or after the factory reset, download AppBrain and sign in with the same google account as you used for the previous version. The website will then create a new list for your new phone, and all the apps of your old phone are still there as well:

In the screenshot above, the app lists are visible in the green rectangle: my old Evo 4G list is there, as is the Droid Incredible for the new phone. (In your case, one, or even both the lists may be called "apps on the phone"). Select the list that contains the apps from the old phone. Then use the "Select all" link (marked with the red arrow) to select all apps, and the "Add to list" dropdown button and click the list of your new phone, as in the following screenshot:

If you then sync your new phone again, all your old apps should show up as "to be installed". You can then easily go through the market and install them all. (Note that the Google market doesn't allow us to do batch installs).

Finally after everything is done it's good to set the 'default' list to your new phone. Click the "Settings" link in the top right of the AppBrain site and set the right default list: