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  • tuibimohcine169TUIBI reviewed Samsung GALAXY Gear Manager
    "J arrive pas à installer app Gear manager sur mon glaxy s3 qu'est ce que je vais faire? "
    Sunday 1:10 PM · 
  • AmmurAwee reviewed Yahoo Messenger Plug-in
    Sunday 11:43 AM · 
  • TheodoreChrysopoulos reviewed G Cloud Backup
    "While registering for the first time you can use this working referral code Z4QOW9 and you will gain 200MB extra disk space for ever - The people writing here that you will get 8GB disk space are liars! After you register with g cloud you can earn yourself easily up to 9GB more disk space! - recommended app that will save you a lot of time and precious data if you are unlucky! So use code Z4QOW9 for start!"
    Sunday 10:29 AM · 
  • lussath reviewed NWT Bible - Lite
    "Is fine to take this app"
    Sunday 9:25 AM · 
  • sigitpram88 reviewed Plants vs. Zombies™ 2
    "Not instal"
    Sunday 8:26 AM · 
  • yshaker67 reviewed GO Locker theme Imperator
    Sunday 2:28 AM · 
  • SompornJirapan reviewed วันพีช
    Sunday 12:13 AM · 
  • selenathiagarajan reviewed Growtopia Tools
    "Hmm for some reason not downloading on my phone"
    Saturday 10:10 PM · 
  • rtangels reviewed Starbucks
    "New 2.7 update sucks!!!!!!New update sucks I have a Samsung note 2 and everything was going fine until the new update. I am a avid Starbucks user. And I have been a gold card holder since 2008 and ever since the update I have not been able to use the application I just keep getting an error message telling me to check back later. I have been on the phone with Starbucks for the better part of yesterday trying to find out what is going on and we tried all of their suggestions and nothing helped. So they took down my info and said that was all they could do. Welltthat doesn't help me a hell of a lot does it? So now I am missing out on my rewards as well as the money I have on the card that I can't get to. And how long will it take for them to fix it who knows but for the reviews for the new update I am not the only one who is having a problem. Sincerely a very unsatisfied customer. "
    Saturday 10:05 PM · 
  • Branimirdukic reviewed Mike Tyson (Iron Mike)
    "Type your review here (optional)fine"
    Saturday 9:00 PM · 
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