Advertise your Android app with AppBrain

  • Cost-per-install app promotion
  • Diverse global publisher network
  • Engaged users with non-incentivized advertisements
  • Self-serve dashboard for simple campaign management

Acquire new users for your app

Better rankings on Google Play

Promote your app to an international mobile audience on AppBrain’s ad network. As more users find your app via AppBrain’s ads and install it, your app’s ranking on Google Play improves which will attract additional organic users to your app.


Pay for results

You’ll only pay for users who install your app after they clicked on your ads. Our auction-based pricing system lets you choose the maximum price you want to pay for a new install. You can set different prices for installs in different countries. If your campaign has a good conversion rate, our system may charge you less than your maximum price.

Acquire high-value mobile users worldwide

Non-incentivized ads

Through our non-incentivized ads we drive engaged users and not just installs to your app. You’ll acquire users who are interested in your app’s content because they voluntarily install your app, which leads to great long term engagement.

Direct publishers

All our traffic comes from direct publishers via the AppBrain SDK. Our direct connection to the publisher apps gives us access to the data about the source of every install, and thus allows us to effectively prevent fraudulent installs.

Diverse mobile audiences

The AppBrain publisher apps come from a broad range of app categories linking us to users of various interests. This diversity helps us deliver quality installs daily to over a thousand promoted apps.

Find the right users effortlessly

We maximize your campaign’s performance and thus reduce your user acquisition costs by showing your ads only to users who are likely to install it. We find these users by matching the user data we receive on the ad call from the publisher app to the data from your campaign’s install history. The advanced learning algorithms we use allows us to consistently learn from the users’ interactions with your ads and thus improve our targeting.

Promote your app without hassle

API and SDK-free promotion

Launch your campaign with minimal effort, you do not need an API or SDK integration to promote your app on AppBrain. Following a quick and free registration you are ready to start with your campaign.


Easy campaign management

Track the performance of your campaign in real-time on our self-serve dashboard. Changes you apply to your campaign settings take effect in less than 5 minutes.

What people are saying about us

AppBrain helped MobPartner to drive thousands of quality users to our Android CPI offers. We have always received very good feedback from our clients about the quality of the users AppBrain were bringing. They've always been a strategic partner for us and we highly value this partnership.

Vianney Settini, CEO - MobPartner

AppBrain is a reliable source of installs for me - with just the right level of flexibility needed and good value for money.

Piotr - Playground apps
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