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Android Ad Network statistics and market share

Use the market share of Android Ad networks below to find the best and most popular Ad networks.
AppBrain analyzes all Android apps on Google Play and checks what code is built into the package file (APK). We match that with known package names from ad networks. Therefore, these statistics reflect whether the code of a certain library is present in an app. It doesn't guarantee that the developer is actually using the code, but it still gives a good idea of the market share and what is the list of the top Android ad networks.

If you're looking for the best ad networks, looking at the most popular ones is a good data point. By asking yourself, which ad network is used by most Android developers? you can make sure you analyze the best options when you're making a comparison of potential ad networks to include in your app.

About the statistics

You can sort the libraries by "Installs" or "Apps". "Apps" will give you the libraries that are present in the most apps. However, it may be that one library is present in lots of apps with 10+ downloads, whereas another library is present in a few apps that all have billions of downloads. The "Installs" sorting option shows the libraries ordered by presence in the most installs on actual Android devices.

You can also choose which groups of apps to view the market share of. "Overall" means all Android apps on Google Play, "New" means apps that were launched within the last 30 days, and "Top 500" means the apps that are ranked in the top 500 of the USA.

If you want to add a library to this list, please use our suggest form.

Market share in: Overall, New, Top 500
Sort by: Installs, Apps
AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising networks, offering solutions for discovery, …
64.46% of apps
36.39% of installs
Facebook Audience Network allows you to monetize your Android apps with Facebook ads.
44.58% of apps
32.16% of installs
Unity Ads offer video ads for Unity and Android games
31.33% of apps
17.16% of installs
SDK to measure, track & optimize mobile user acquisition campaigns
32.93% of apps
17.02% of installs
Social mobile ad network
27.91% of apps
14.90% of installs
Vungle is a mobile video ad-network
23.69% of apps
13.98% of installs
MoPub is a one-stop ad serving platform designed for mobile application publishers to manage their …
28.31% of apps
13.39% of installs
AdColony is a premium mobile video advertising network & monetization platform.
19.08% of apps
13.17% of installs
ironSource builds monetization, engagement, analytics and discovery tools for app developers, devic…
22.69% of apps
13.00% of installs
The Integral Ad Science SDK measures ads and addresses issues around fraud, viewability and brand r…
20.68% of apps
12.10% of installs
A business intelligence platform combining attribution for advertising sources with analytics and s…
15.06% of apps
11.63% of installs
Chartboost provides free ad-serving technology for direct deals and cross-promotions.
17.27% of apps
11.35% of installs
Ad network that provides different ad-formats, such as pay per install, pay per action, and video a…
15.46% of apps
9.35% of installs
Ad network that attempts to target a global market.
12.85% of apps
9.23% of installs
Mobvista is a mobile marketing platform providing user acquisition, analytics and monetization solu…
2.21% of apps
7.98% of installs
DU Ad Platform is a mobile advertising platform developed by the Chinese web services company and s…
2.61% of apps
4.99% of installs
The ad platform consists of Cheetah mobile's own apps called 'Cheetah Apps' and a media ad network …
0.60% of apps
4.20% of installs
Allows you to put banner, rich media and interactive video ads in your app.
9.24% of apps
4.16% of installs
The Amazon Mobile Ads API is an in-app display advertising solution to monetize mobile apps and gam…
10.04% of apps
3.81% of installs
MdotM is a mobile ad network comprising of iPhone and Android apps.
0.20% of apps
3.50% of installs
Incentivized video ad network, and mediation tools for video ad networks.
5.02% of apps
2.54% of installs
Attribution analytics to measure the value of advertising partners.
1.41% of apps
2.26% of installs
Ogury is an analytics and monetization SDK
6.22% of apps
2.07% of installs
Smaato aggregates 80+ leading mobile ad networks trying to serve you relevant ads
2.81% of apps
2.01% of installs
Mobile monetization and app distribution platform
2.01% of apps
1.87% of installs
LeadBolt is an ad network that provides different forms of in-app advertising (banner-ads, push-ads…
1.00% of apps
1.51% of installs
Avocarrot is a mobile ad exchange specialized in native ads
0.80% of apps
1.47% of installs
User acquisition and monetization platform for Android, created especially for games.
0.60% of apps
1.47% of installs
Multi-screen video ad-solution
0.60% of apps
1.47% of installs
Tenjin is a platform for mobile attribution, aggregation, and analytics
6.83% of apps
1.20% of installs
SDK for mobile install attribution and analytics for connected devices
3.21% of apps
0.75% of installs
Monetization and App Distribution
2.61% of apps
0.74% of installs
Mobile SSP and monetization platform focused on empowering mobile publishers.
2.01% of apps
0.64% of installs
The Nielsen app SDK measures TV viewing using TVs and mobile devices to power TV Ratings, Digital C…
1.61% of apps
0.60% of installs
Launch and find your games, discover new ones, and meet awesome new people to play with.
0.60% of apps
0.46% of installs
display.io is a mobile marketing technology company that offers application developers monetization…
0.80% of apps
0.45% of installs
Ad network based in Japan that offers text and banner ads.
0.80% of apps
0.45% of installs
Fractional Media is a user acquisition platform.
0.60% of apps
0.42% of installs
Ad mediation and cross promotion.
1.61% of apps
0.38% of installs
Upsight is a comprehensive web and mobile marketing platform.
0.40% of apps
0.35% of installs
StartApp is a mobile advertising platform founded in late 2010, offering both in and out of app mon…
1.81% of apps
0.17% of installs
OpenX operates an independent ad exchange network for publishers and demand partners.
0.40% of apps
0.15% of installs
The SDK delivers a growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands with rewarded video, interst…
0.80% of apps
0.14% of installs
A content discovery platform, recommending digital content to users.
0.60% of apps
0.12% of installs
AppNexus PreBid Enterprise is a heading bidding solution that gives publishers control over monetiz…
0.20% of apps
0.11% of installs
PubNative is a mobile publisher platform focused on native advertising for apps and mobile web.
0.20% of apps
0.11% of installs
FreeWheel is an advertising management solution for cross-platform video ads.
0.60% of apps
0.08% of installs
Video ad network.
0.60% of apps
0.08% of installs
One SDK for ad serving, campaign management and multiple ad network integrations.
0.40% of apps
0.07% of installs
Add caller ID and monetize active and inactive users through post call advertising.
0.40% of apps
0.05% of installs
Mobile advertising platform with video and native ads
0.40% of apps
0.05% of installs
Appodeal is an ad mediation solution for mobile apps.
0.60% of apps
0.04% of installs
NativeX is a Minnesota-based mobile advertising platform company. Its product allows developers to …
0.20% of apps
0.03% of installs
Adds recommendations to digital content for app users.
0.20% of apps
0.03% of installs
Verve is a location-based mobile marketing platform that connects advertisers with customers.
0.20% of apps
0.03% of installs
Open app developers community for monetization and cross-promotion.
0.80% of apps
0.01% of installs
Kiip is a rewards network and mobile application that offers rewards from brands and companies for …
0.20% of apps
0.01% of installs
The AppBrain SDK offers free services for app developers to monetize and to manage their Android ap…
0.20% of apps
0.00% of installs
Ad network run by the South Korean web portal Daum.
0.20% of apps
0.00% of installs