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Last updated: September 19, 2018

Android analytics libraries

Analytics libraries are integrated and used for gathering data on usage of Android apps. These SDKs can retrieve and store all kinds of data about your users including country and the type and model of the phone. Most of these libraries can also follow activities of the app users or track the performance of ad networks. App developers can improve the performance and functionality of an app with this data.

This overview of Android analytics SDKs provides you with the most-used and well-known libraries used in many different apps, including SDKs like Firebase, Flurry Analytics, Google Analytics and Comscore. The overview also contains user acquisition tracking libraries like Appsflyer, Adjust and Kochava.

It is now possible to purchase a Top 500 list of apps that integrated a specific SDK. For more information click on the specific SDK and click on the "Buy" button.

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Marketshare in: Overall, New, Top 500
Sort by: Installs, Apps
Firebase is a mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps. It is made up of co…
45.45% of apps
65.75% of installs
Cross-platform analytics solution
3.21% of apps
19.91% of installs
Flurry Analytics delivers powerful insight into how consumers interact with your mobile application…
6.54% of apps
13.73% of installs
SDK to measure, track & optimize mobile user acquisition campaigns
2.93% of apps
11.68% of installs
ironSource builds monetization, engagement, analytics and discovery tools for app developers, devic…
0.99% of apps
8.13% of installs
A business intelligence platform combining attribution for advertising sources with analytics and s…
0.82% of apps
6.87% of installs
The Google Analytics SDK for Android makes it easy for native Android developers to collect user en…
3.96% of apps
4.27% of installs
Mobvista is a mobile marketing platform providing user acquisition, analytics and monetization solu…
0.56% of apps
4.08% of installs
Branch increases mobile conversion, retention, and engagement through deep linking, user routing, a…
0.81% of apps
2.41% of installs
Chinese analytics service.
0.96% of apps
2.33% of installs
Comscore provides insights into the behavior of the most active mobile media consumers: smartphone …
0.56% of apps
1.94% of installs
Yandex AppMetrica is a real-time ad tracking and mobile app analytics solution.
1.61% of apps
1.69% of installs
Analytics platform for mobile and web.
0.77% of apps
1.65% of installs
A lifecycle engagement platform that empowers brands to humanize connections with customers, result…
0.15% of apps
1.53% of installs
Attribution analytics to measure the value of advertising partners.
0.20% of apps
1.30% of installs
App analytics
0.51% of apps
1.19% of installs
SDK for mobile install attribution and analytics for connected devices
0.21% of apps
1.13% of installs
Amplitude provides product analytics to help companies understand user behavior.
0.66% of apps
0.88% of installs
A mobile application monitoring tool to help teams build high-performance, stable mobile applicatio…
0.58% of apps
0.88% of installs
Quantcast's intelligence platforms combine big data and machine learning to solve crucial marketing…
0.22% of apps
0.67% of installs
CleverTap provides App Analytics and User Engagement for Mobile Apps
0.27% of apps
0.62% of installs
A/B testing and Release Management solution for mobile apps.
0.04% of apps
0.55% of installs
Cuebiq owns a large and transparant location-based database to give insight in the offline customer…
0.38% of apps
0.48% of installs
Mobile ad performance and user behavior for targeting campaigns and in-app marketing in real-time.
0.18% of apps
0.39% of installs
Tenjin is a platform for mobile attribution, aggregation, and analytics
0.05% of apps
0.36% of installs
Krux helps marketers, publishers and agencies drive revenue by delivering smarter content.
0.09% of apps
0.25% of installs
Segment is one place to collect customer data and send it to your tools for analytics, marketing au…
0.23% of apps
0.23% of installs
oneAudience is a mobile intelligence provider that connects their partners with unique mobile segme…
0.33% of apps
0.20% of installs
Cordova (PhoneGap) Plugin to connect to the native Google's Universal Analytics SDK 3.0
1.04% of apps
0.16% of installs
With Apsalar, mobile publishers can analyze, optimize and monetize user engagement in their apps.
0.04% of apps
0.16% of installs
Optimizely is an experience optimization platform enabling A/B and multivariate testing.
0.04% of apps
0.14% of installs
Splunk MINT is a tool that allows you to monitor and gain insights into your mobile apps.
0.31% of apps
0.13% of installs
Countly is a real-time analytics platform that provides information on application usage and end-us…
0.23% of apps
0.10% of installs
China's largest independent big data service platform with focus on mobile internet.
0.03% of apps
0.05% of installs
Webtrends Mobile Analytics provides insights into customers' engagement and loyalty.
0.06% of apps
0.04% of installs
The Adobe App Measurement for Android library allows you to capture Android app activity (user, usa…
0.05% of apps
0.02% of installs
SDK with services for market insights, in-app bug reporting, automated crash reporting, testing and…
0.00% of apps
0.01% of installs