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Last updated: October 17, 2018

Mediation frameworks

Mediation libraries are created by ad networks that offer a mediation service. With a mediation service, app developers can maximize their app monetization by using different ad networks and choosing the best-paying ad. All these services require an integrated SDK to target the right ad and track the behavior of the users.

This overview of mediation SDKs provides you with the most-used and well-known mediation libraries like AdMob, MoPub, HeyZap, Fyber, and Appodeal.

It is now possible to purchase a Top 500 list of apps that integrated a specific SDK. For more information click on the specific SDK and click on the "Buy" button.

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Marketshare in: Overall, New, Top 500
Sort by: Installs, Apps
AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising networks, offering solutions for discovery, …
58.25% of apps
58.90% of installs
MoPub is a one-stop ad serving platform designed for mobile application publishers to manage their …
3.64% of apps
13.54% of installs
Launch and find your games, discover new ones, and meet awesome new people to play with.
1.49% of apps
2.54% of installs
Incentivized video ad network, and mediation tools for video ad networks.
0.09% of apps
2.03% of installs
Monetization and App Distribution
0.80% of apps
1.95% of installs
Appodeal is an ad mediation solution for mobile apps.
0.89% of apps
1.06% of installs
display.io is a mobile marketing technology company that offers application developers monetization…
0.07% of apps
0.23% of installs
OpenX operates an independent ad exchange network for publishers and demand partners.
0.01% of apps
0.06% of installs
Ampiri mediates between ad-networks and programmatic demand (DSPs), allowing you to efficiently run…
0.00% of apps
0.02% of installs