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Last updated: October 15, 2018

Social game libraries

Libraries for adding social elements to Android games, such as leaderboards.

It is now possible to purchase a Top 500 list of apps that integrated a specific SDK. For more information click on the specific SDK and click on the "Buy" button.

If you want your library added to our list, suggest it to us.


Marketshare in: Overall, New, Top 500
Sort by: Installs, Apps
Provides achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer support, and cloud storage.
4.62% of apps
15.46% of installs
Launch and find your games, discover new ones, and meet awesome new people to play with.
1.49% of apps
2.54% of installs
Maximize the lifetime value of your games in real-time through PlayHaven's dashboard.
0.11% of apps
0.34% of installs
PapayaMobile is an open mobile social network for Android focused on casual gaming and virtual curr…
0.03% of apps
0.04% of installs
Social gaming network for both Android and iOS, see global leaderboards and unlock achievements.
0.02% of apps
0.03% of installs
Scoreloop provides everything you need to add social elements to any game.
0.03% of apps
0.02% of installs
Add leaderboards, achievements, monetization, and social features to mobile games and apps.
0.02% of apps
0.01% of installs
Adds leaderboards, asynchronous multiplayer and other social features to games.
0.00% of apps
0.00% of installs