Promote your Android app with AppBrain

  • Cost-per-install app promotion
  • Easy setup, your campaign can be running within minutes
  • Engaged users with non-incentivized advertisements
  • Self-serve dashboard for simple campaign management
AppBrain self-serve app marketing campaign dashboard

Promote your Android app

Pay for results

Market your Android app efficiently: with AppBrain you only pay for users who actually install your app. Our auction-based pricing system lets you choose the maximum price you want to pay for a new install. You can set different prices for installs in different countries. If your campaign has a good conversion rate, our system may charge you less than your maximum price.

Non-incentivized ads

Our promotion service only promotes your app through non-incentivized ads. Users install your app voluntarily because they are interested in its content. This leads to great long term engagement. All our traffic comes through our AppBrain SDK. This allows us to verify that ads are truly non-incentivized.

Promotion without hassle

You do not need an API or SDK integration to promote your app on AppBrain. After having registered for free on our website, you are ready to set up your promotion campaign within minutes.

Have full control over your app promotion

Track your campaign in real time on our self-serve dashboard. Know how much you’ve spent and where your money went. Optimize your campaign the way you want it. Changes that you apply to your campaign will take effect in less than 5 minutes.

Campaign settings

Campaign report

Country reporting

Advertise to the right users effortlessly

Our system identifies users who are likely to install your app. By showing ads to those users, you benefit from engaged users at a low cost. The install history of your app, together with data we know about the user from the ad request allow our machine learning algorithms to target the right users. It may take a few days of running your campaign to reach maximum efficiency.

Find the right users to advertise your app to

What people are saying about us

AppBrain helped MobPartner to drive thousands of quality users to our Android CPI offers. We have always received very good feedback from our clients about the quality of the users AppBrain were bringing. They've always been a strategic partner for us and we highly value this partnership.

Vianney Settini, CEO - MobPartner

AppBrain is a reliable source of installs for me - with just the right level of flexibility needed and good value for money.

Piotr - Playground apps

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