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Join the community of thousands of developers and grow your app business on the AppBrain ad network.

Promote your app

Promote your app on AppBrainā€™s global ad network and drive quality installs to your app. Optimize your promotion costs by paying only for users who install your app.

Intelligent user targeting

100% self-serve

Non-incentivized in-app traffic

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Monetize your app

Integrate the AppBrain ads and build a revenue stream from your app. Our advanced learning algorithm finds the best performing ads for every impression in your app.

Continuously updating revenue report

Rich and global advertiser network

Googe Play compliant ligthweight SDK

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Analyze your app performance

Get a complete view of your app performance with the free AppBrain analytics. We turn the data from your app into valuable insights so that you can optimize your user acquisition and retention strategies.

The Google Play rankings of your app

SDK built-in user analytics

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Get intelligence on all Android apps

AppBrain App Intelligence provides detailed information about all apps on Google Play. Look up your own or any other apps for ranking history and technical data, or just use the hot app lists and filtering system to discover which are the new exciting apps.

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