Monetize your Android app with AppBrain

  • High quality ads from AppBrain’s global ad network
  • High eCPM through data-driven user targeting
  • Google Play compliant lightweight SDK
  • Free user analytics and post-install event tracking
AppBrain monetization

Drive up your app revenue with AppBrain

Attractive ads

Integrate our ads to earn money by promoting free Android apps to your users. Every app your users install will generate revenue. To control ad quality, we don’t allow ads that promote apps with low user ratings on Google Play or have content rating unsuitable for your app users.

Data-enhanced targeting

We use state of the art machine learning to select which ads to show to which user. This gives your app relevant ads with high eCPM and thus high revenue.

Made by developers for developers

We built the AppBrain advertising system after having published over 30 apps on Google Play with more than 100 million downloads in total. Our first-hand experience in Android development and app monetization helped us create an ad system that effectively maximizes your app revenue while keeping a great user experience.

Use our banners and interstitials in your app

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Promote free apps to your users in a non-intrusive way using our interstitial.

  • Show during natural pause moments in your app
  • Built-in rate limiting

Each app a user installs will generate revenue for you. Track the performance of every ad unit on our AppBrain self-serve dashoard.

Visit the AppBrain Dashboard

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Retention rate

Pay out or promote with a bonus

You can spend the money you earn from your ads to run install campaigns for your apps on the AppBrain ad network. You’ll be rewarded with a 10% bonus as you transfer your ad revenue to your campaign budget. Otherwise you can be paid out via PayPal or wire transfer.

Reinvesting earnings into your promotion campaigns gives a bonus

Learn about your user engagement

Integrate the AppBrain SDK and on top of our ads you’ll get free access to the built-in user analytics. The AppBrain SDK gives you insights into your user properties, install referrers, user retention rates and more. It allows you to measure user engagement by tracking custom post-install events in your app. You can also use these post-install events in your install attribution statistics to measure the user quality of your acquisition channels and determine which channels work the best for your app.

We're integrated

AppBrain aggregates CPI demand from many sources, delivering the best app promotions to your users:

AppBrain 200+ direct advertisers on AppBrain
AppLift Appnext Appromoters Cheetah Media Link Digital Turbine glispa ironSource Jampp MobAir Mobvista Motive RevMob Taptica YouAppi
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