Generate revenue from your Android app with AppBrain

Earn money with your app using the interstitials and banners of the AppLift SDK by AppBrain. Get powerful insights into your users with AppBrain Analytics.

Earn Money with Your App

The AppLift ads promote free apps to your users.
Our ad units will show interesting free apps to your users. Each app a user installs via those ads will generate revenue for you. The two most important ad formats in our SDK are the interstitial and the banner unit.

Payouts can be done to your PayPal account, by wire transfer or reinvested into your promotion budget. The dashboard allows automatic monthly payouts. The minimum payout is $25.

Simple Integration

Integrating the AppLift SDK takes less than 20 minutes.
The SDK is small (<100kb) and has been thoroughly tested in the field by tens of thousands of apps. See our documentation on integrating and monetizing your app for more information.

AppBrain Analytics Dashboard

Insights into your user base.
Get interesting insights from the free AppBrain Insight statistics, such as aggregated demographic and age distribution of your app's users. No SDK integration is required to get basic statistics! With full SDK integration you get even more insights into how users discover your apps, like search terms.

Reinvest your earnings to get more users

Get a 10% bonus when you reinvest your earnings into the AppBrain promotion system.
The money you earn with the AppLift SDK can be directly used to promote your apps. We give you a 10% bonus when you transfer your earnings to your promotion budget.

About AppBrain App Market

The AppBrain App Market is an Android app which allows users to discover apps in the Google Play Market. The app has been downloaded more than 5 million times and is highly rated by its users. (Currently 4.52 average, based on 54947 reviews). See the AppBrain app page for more information.
If you have any questions about earning money with your Android app, please contact us at .