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AppLift: Integration with AdWhirl

The banners of the AppLift SDK can easily be integrated with the AdWhirl platform. More information about AdWhirl and how to set it up can be found at NOTE: These instructions are only for if you're using AdWhirl already in your apps. If you're not using a mediation product yet, we recommend Admob mediation as it's more fully featured than AdWhirl. AppLift integrates even better with Admob mediation than with AdWhirl, as for Admob Mediation no code changes are necessary. See our Admob Mediation integration page for details.

Setting up your app for mediation

We assume you already have a mediated ad slot defined in your app. To make use of AppLift banners in your mediated ad slot, you have to take the following steps:

  • Follow the general installation instructions on the general SDK documentation page, which tell you to include the appbrain SDK jar file in your app and make the necessary AndroidManifest changes. Also make sure that if you use proguard, that your proguard config has the necessary entries as outlined on that page.
  • Add the applift-adwhirl.jar JAR file to your project's libs/ folder. This file can be downloaded from the AppLift GitHub page.
  • In your code, you need to make sure that for every AdWhirlLayout that's used, enableAppLiftBanners is called on it (both for instances that are defined in XML, as well as ones that are instantiated directly):
import com.appbrain.mediation.AppBrainAdWhirl;

// Example function that's called from activities' onCreate
void initActivity() {
    // If an AdWhirlLayout is defined in XML, get a reference and enable AppLift for it:
    AdWhirlLayout adWhirlLayout = (AdWhirlLayout)findViewById(;

// Any place where AdWhirlLayout is programmatically instantiated:
AdWhirlLayout adWhirlLayout = new AdWhirlLayout(this,
// Enable AppLift

Setting up your mediation placement on

To set up your mediation placement for showing AppLift banners on

First, go to your mediation placement settings and click "Add Custom Event". Admob Mediation Screenshot 1

In the dialog that pops up, fill out the following information:

Label: AppLift (this is the name that AdWhirl will show for the AppLift banners)

Function name: fetchAppLift

and click "Add Event".

Admob Mediation Screenshot 2

After you added the event, reload the page and make sure you enable the new entry.

Admob Mediation Screenshot 3

The mediation is now set up!

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