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AppBrain SDK integration policy

Invalid installs and impressions

You are not allowed to install promoted apps from one of your own apps. Any means, automated or manual, through which you try to increase promoted app installs may lead to account termination.

Encouraging installs

You are not allowed to stimulate users to install apps through our system or reward them in any way for viewing the interstitial or offer wall. Access to the promoted app page should be offered in a way that selects users with a true intent of exploring new apps.

Privacy policy

AppBrain’s systems store information about your users’ phones in compliance with our privacy policy. The information AppBrain collects is solely necessary to run the promoted apps system, and consists of Android SDK version, phone model information, phone identifier (ANDROID_ID), IP address of the phone, country of the phone, and the AppBrain AppMetric™, a token that conveys information about which categories of apps a user is interested in in a privacy-conserving way. It is your sole responsibility to communicate the privacy implications of your use of the AppBrain SDK to your users.

Content guidelines

Your app must conform to the general Android guidelines for apps published in Google’s Android market.

Your relation with AppBrain

Your use of the AppBrain SDK doesn’t mean your app is endorsed by AppBrain. You’re not allowed to promote your app in this way.

Last updated: February 29th, 2012