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Whether you are looking to advertise your Android app or want to earn money with it, you’ve come to the right place. More than 40,000 apps use the AppBrain SDK already, sending high quality traffic to over 1000 app campaigns daily.

Monetize your app
Integrate the AppBrain SDK to monetize your app with high eCPM ads. Our ads promote interesting free apps to your users. You get paid for every app your users install. It takes a few lines of code only to add the our SDK to your app.
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Promote your app
Run an install campaign to drive new users to your app via Appbrain’s global publisher network. Our non-incentivized ads will get you high-value users. You’ll only pay when users click on your ad and install your app.
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Analyze your app's market position
Track your app’s Google Play ranking in different countries and app categories. View the ranking history of the past 30 days or benchmark your app’s ranking against the rankings of your top competitors. You can access all this data for free on the AppBrain dashboard.
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Discover the best Android apps
Download the AppBrain app to manage your apps and search for new exciting Android apps from one place. Based on the apps you use, AppBrain learns what apps you like and gives you personalized app recommendations. For every install and app update AppBrain will automatically link you to Google Play.
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