AppBrain Monetize

Earn money with your Android app

Monetization with user-friendly app install ads

Easy and fast integration of our small SDK

High-earning ads from 25+ leading ad networks

Clear usage statistics and retention figures for your app

Quick payout of your revenue

Earn money with your Android app

The AppBrain SDK lets you show user-friendly app install ads to your user through interstitial or banner ad units. Our high-quality ads provide a good user experience and great monetization potential.

Easy to install

Installing our SDK can be done in less than 20 minutes

User friendly

Choose from effective and user-friendly ad units that will not annoy your users

High eCPM

Earn money for every app or game that is installed via our ads

Machine Learning

Our targeting algorithms automatically display the best earning ads to your users

Use effective ad units

The AppBrain SDK provides effective interstitial and banner ad units for your Android app. The SDK has 10 different designs for the ad units, which it will automatically optimize. This guarantees you make as much money as possible.

Select an ad unit to preview:


Promote free apps to your users in a non-intrusive way using our interstitial.

  • Show during natural pause moments in your app
  • Built-in rate limiting

Each app a user installs will generate revenue for you. Track the performance of every ad unit on our AppBrain self-serve dashboard.

Receive your money quickly and easily

Clear and transparent reporting

The AppBrain Dashboard provides a clear overview of all traffic and revenue of each app. You can easily determine which banners of interstitals perform better than others and maximize your revenue.

Monthly payout

After monthly finalization we can automatically transfer your money by PayPal or Wire Transfer.

10% Bonus

If you transfer your earnings to promote your apps via AppBrain Promote, we give you a 10% bonus. This is a great way to acquire more users.

Profit from the largest range of CPI campaigns

We will serve the best ads in the market. Not only do we have over 200 own unique campaigns, we also work with the best performing ad networks in the world.

AppBrain 200+ direct advertisers on AppBrain
AppLift Appnext Appromoters Cheetah Media Link Digital Turbine glispa ironSource Jampp MobAir Mobvista Motive RevMob Taptica YouAppi

Integrate our safe, secure and tested SDK

The AppBrain SDK can be installed in a matter of minutes, is 100% compliant with Google Play policies, and offers the best in class features.

Thoroughly tested

The AppBrain SDK is thoroughly tested in the field in major apps, with more than 100 million monthly active users

Small SDK

With less than 250 kb the integrated SDK will not affect the size of your app

Only 2 permissions needed

The SDK won't scare your users as it only requires "Internet" and "Access Network" permissions

Combine with other networks

You can integrate and combine our SDK with any other ad network or revenue model

Power your app with cool features

By integrating the AppBrain SDK you can earn money, and additionally you'll get the following handy statistics and features for free.

Retention rates

One of the most important metrics is retention rate. By installing the AppBrain SDK you can track exactly how many people are still using your app after a while.

Conversion tracking

Add special conversion events you want to track in your app or game. Want to know how many people get to level 3 in your game? You can easily add a special event in your dashboard.

App version trackings

User statistics for all different versions of your app can be tracked easily in your dashboard. This gives you a clear overview on how fast users update to a new version of your app.

Remote settings

Sometimes you want to change a tiny little thing in your app without going through the full release cycle. By using remote settings you can easily change values or settings on the fly.

Cloud Alerts

You want to give discounts, alert people on changes in the app or simply want to say "Hi!"? Use the cloud alerts to message all your app users with a couple of clicks.

About AppBrain

AppBrain is built by AppTornado GmbH, a startup with offices in Switzerland and the Netherlands led by two ex-Google engineers.

After developing the AppBrain App Market application for Android (79068 ratings, average 4.37 stars), AppBrain's mission today is to make Android developers successful.

We deliver the best and easiest tools for your apps or games.

Integrate quickly with great documentation

Integrating the AppBrain SDK typically takes less than 20 minutes. You can first sign up to our dashboard if you haven't done so already, or dive into our technical documentation.