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Ad unit overview

The AppBrain SDK has several ad units that can be built into your Android app. They promote free apps to your users, earning you money for each install.


Select an ad unit to preview:


Promote free apps to your users in a non-intrusive way using our interstitial.

  • Shown during natural pause moments in your app
  • Built-in rate limiting

More information is available on the Interstitial documentation page.

Example code
private InterstitialBuilder interstitialBuilder;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    // Preload the AppBrain interstitial.
    interstitialBuilder = InterstitialBuilder.create()
        .setAdId("MY-ADID") // This line is optional, but highly
                            // recommended. Create your AD ID under
                            // "Ad settings" for your publisher
                            // app on our dashboard.
        .setListener(new InterstitialListener() {
            public void onAdLoaded() {}

            public void onAdFailedToLoad(InterstitialError error) {}

            public void onPresented() {}

            public void onClick() {}

            public void onDismissed(boolean wasClicked) {
                // Code that you want to run after the user has dismissed
                // the interstitial goes here.

                // For example if you want to keep calling show on the
                // same interstitialBuilder then uncomment:
                // interstitialBuilder.preload(getContext());

                // For example:
                // startNextLevel();

private void levelCompleted() {
    // Call this line when you want the interstitial to show up: