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Last updated: August 17, 2017

Android utility libraries

General-purpose libraries that extend the functionality of the Android SDK.

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Marketshare in: Overall, New, Top 500
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The Support Package includes static 'support libraries' that you can add to your Android applicatio…
73.53% of apps
90.56% of installs
An image loading and caching library for Android focused on smooth scrolling.
3.54% of apps
11.71% of installs
Android optimized event bus that simplifies communication between Activities, Fragments, Threads, S…
2.36% of apps
9.61% of installs
Android library for using the Honeycomb (Android 3.0) animation API on all versions of the platform…
6.51% of apps
9.00% of installs
Butter Knife provides field and method binding for Android views.
3.27% of apps
6.50% of installs
AndroidSVG is a SVG parser and renderer for Android
0.24% of apps
4.24% of installs
A memory leak detection library for Android and Java.
0.49% of apps
2.36% of installs
The Samsung In-App Purchase payment service makes it possible to sell virtual items, services, and …
0.90% of apps
1.86% of installs
A cache that uses a bounded amount of space on a filesystem. Each cache entry has a string key and …
0.68% of apps
1.73% of installs
Android-Job is an utility library for Android to run jobs delayed in the background.
0.11% of apps
1.46% of installs
An android library for list section headers that stick to the top.
0.56% of apps
1.07% of installs
Google Play Licensing is a network-based service that lets an application query a trusted Google Pl…
0.96% of apps
0.97% of installs
Urban Airship provides a full suite of messaging and content delivery tools, including Push Notific…
0.71% of apps
0.85% of installs
The CommonsWare Android Components, or CWAC, are open source libraries to help solve various tactic…
0.74% of apps
0.65% of installs
Android-Query (AQuery) is a light-weight library for doing asynchronous tasks and manipulating UI e…
0.97% of apps
0.63% of installs
SVG parsing and rendering for Android
0.30% of apps
0.63% of installs
TableLayout is a lightweight Java library for setting the position and size of UI widgets using a l…
0.39% of apps
0.48% of installs
A utility library for your daily Android needs
0.07% of apps
0.46% of installs
The Baidu location API provides GPS access to get the users position.
0.11% of apps
0.38% of installs
RoboGuice is a framework that brings the simplicity and ease of Dependency Injection to Android, us…
0.33% of apps
0.36% of installs
PermissionsDispatcher provides a simple annotation-based API to handle runtime permissions in Andro…
0.09% of apps
0.19% of installs
A set of custom views used to navigate between the pages of a ViewPager
0.13% of apps
0.18% of installs
RoboSpice is a modular android library that makes writing asynchronous network requests easy.
0.20% of apps
0.18% of installs
Some android utilities, such as a HorizontalListView
0.16% of apps
0.13% of installs
This MultiTouch Controller class makes it much easier to write multitouch applications for Android.
0.35% of apps
0.11% of installs
GreenDroid is a development library for the Android platform. It is intended to make UI development…
0.14% of apps
0.08% of installs
ViewBadger provides a simple way to 'badge' any given Android view at runtime without having to cat…
0.18% of apps
0.08% of installs
Osmdroid provides tools and views to interact with OpenStreetMap data. The OpenStreetMapView is an …
0.36% of apps
0.07% of installs
A library for making OpenGL Live Wallpapers for Android.
0.22% of apps
0.06% of installs
Library with ready-to-use components and utility classes that wrap a lot of the boilerplate that's …
0.02% of apps
0.05% of installs
AndroidAnnotations is an Open Source framework that speeds up Android development.
0.10% of apps
0.05% of installs
Page curl/flip effect on Android using OpenGL ES.
0.30% of apps
0.05% of installs
The android-actionbar project provides a reusable action bar component.
0.22% of apps
0.04% of installs
This project is focused on creating an Android activity that allows developers to play videos that …
0.32% of apps
0.04% of installs
Service for automatically integrating third-party services and SDKs into apps.
0.10% of apps
0.04% of installs
Library project that helps to auto-adjust mobile phone settings based on where the user is.
0.03% of apps
0.03% of installs
DataDroid is an Android library for data management.
0.05% of apps
0.02% of installs
A collection of open source libraries for the Android platform. The collection contains a feed fram…
0.02% of apps
0.02% of installs
HoloEverywhere brings the Holo Theme from Android 4.1 to 1.6 and above.
0.02% of apps
0.01% of installs