This is a view of Google Play, Android phones and AppBrain usage which we compile from the data we gather from Google Play, and from aggregated usage numbers of our own Android app and site. These statistics are updated on a daily basis.
> Number of Android applications
Last updated: September 20, 2014

Number of Android applications

Current number of Android apps in the market: 1,379,360 Percentage of low quality apps: 16%

Development over time

This graph shows the number of available applications on Google Play. Last update: September 20, 2014.
The AppBrain low quality app detection filter detects automatically which apps are unlikely to be useful ("low quality apps"). Google seems to remove apps from the market roughly once a quarter, in which case the total number of available Android apps goes down. The removed apps are almost always classified by our system as low quality apps.

Android apps on Google Play

The following graph shows the number of new regular and low-quality apps that were added per month.

New Android apps per month