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Using the AppBrain API

The AppBrain API is a web service that allows automated interaction with AppBrain.

How to use

Your programs can use the API by sending HTTP requests to https://api.appbrain.com. The syntax is explained in the AppBrain API specification. On that page you can also immediately try out the API if you have an AppBrain developer account with API access.

Some requests require a developer account with API access, for which the query parameters di and t must be included for authentication. If you have a developer account, see the dashboard for more information. If you are not an app developer, and would like to use this service, please email us at contact@appbrain.com.

By default, responses are sent in JSON format. If you want the response to be in XML format instead, then please add format=xml to your request.

App information

You can fetch information about an app using the AppBrain API. This information includes an app’s description, icon or feature graphic URL, used libraries and a lot more.

With a developer account, using the info API to fetch data about your own apps is always free. On top of that, you can make up to 500 free API calls per month. For more API calls you need a paid subscription. See Retrieving app information with the AppBrain API for more information.

Promotion campaigns

With a developer account, you can use the AppBrain API to create, update and get information about your promotion campaigns. For a more detailed explanation, see Using the AppBrain API for promotion campaigns.