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Intelligence terms of service

1. Introduction

We provide a service to allow you to either download data sets or view extended app information with a subscription, subject to these Terms and Conditions. This agreement will start from the date you either download a data set or when you take a subscription to AppBrain Intelligence.

2. Intelligence content

AppBrain Intelligence provides detailed information about apps on Google Play. The content includes basic information like the number of downloads, rating, ranking, update logs and other specifics of the apps and developers. Most content is available for free, but you can only visit a fixed number of pages for free. To see more pages you should register with AppBrain. The number of pageviews will remain limited until you take a subscription to AppBrain Intelligence. With such a subscription you will have unlimited access to all content. AppBrain also provides statistical information about the Google Play Store. Subsets of intelligence data are available for paid downloads.

3. Payment and delivery for download of data sets

You can download data sets on the AppBrain portal. These data sets include the data for one particular set of content only as is described during the sales procedure. Data for SDK content is obtained by detecting the corresponding code in the delivered apps. AppBrain can not guarantee how and if the SDK is used by the app. Sample sets with ten records are available for each download to define how the final data set will look. The user is responsible for choosing the correct data set, AppBrain can not swap data files after purchase. Data available in the downloadable CSV files is provided as is. Payments can be done through PayPal only and are non-refundable. The purchased dataset can be downloaded for up to 24 hours after payment, after which the download link expires.

4. Payment and delivery of Intelligence subscription

You can view app content on the AppBrain portal. By taking a subscription for the Intelligence service, you will get unlimited access to the app detail and developer pages. All available content will be unlocked.

All content on AppBrain Intelligence is provided as is. AppBrain has the right to change, delete or add any content during the duration of your subscription. Any such change does not grant you the right to a refund of the already paid subscription fees.

The subscription is available in differently priced products. You can pay this subscription by PayPal or with funds from your AppBrain account. With your first payment, you will pay for the selected duration of the subscription. The subscription will renew itself three days before the termination date. The user remains responsible for terminating the subscription. If you wish to stop the subscription and automatic payment, you should do so three days before the termination date. No refunds will be given for initial and extensions of a subscription. AppBrain remains the right to change the prices of the subscriptions at any time.

5. Usage of the service

It is not permitted to use any automated means to access, monitor, modify, or otherwise manage your Intelligence account or AppBrain SDK. Any attempt to scrape or harvest data from the AppBrain website and systems may result in immediate account termination. Upon account termination, no refund will be given, and the access to the data will be limited.

6. No warranty and liability

You agree there is no warranty for this service. Any risk related to the quality, performance, uptime, or availability of the Intelligence data on the web portal or the downloadable files lies with you. AppBrain is not liable for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use the data or service. Without limiting the generality of the preceding, AppBrain is not liable for any error in the display of content, system outages, delays in applying changes in settings, or misrepresentation of numbers on the platform. You assume any liability for the display of materials, any use of a third parties intellectual property, such as copyrighted terms, logos or images.

7. Definitions

In this agreement, “we”, “AppBrain”, means AppTornado GmbH, a limited liability company, Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland. The “AppBrain network”, “AppBrain developer interface”, and “Intelligence” means any part of AppTornado’s software and systems, including, but not limited to the www.appbrain.com website, the downloadable data sets, and its promoted app system.

8. Miscellaneous

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the canton of Zürich, Switzerland, and any conflict arising from it shall be adjudicated in Zürich, Switzerland.

Non-Exclusivity: The relationship between AppBrain and you is non-exclusive, and this agreement does not restrict either party from engaging in any promotion or advertisement relationship with any other party.

Press Releases: You agree that AppBrain can mention our relationship in press releases or on our website. You permit AppBrain to display your application logo and description on AppBrain’s website or any other media as part of its client list.

Entire Agreement: This agreement constitutes the complete statement of all mutual understandings between you and AppBrain and it supersedes any prior proposals, communications and understandings.