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Most used phone models per country

AppBrain offers a unique insight into phone model used around the world. For over 100 countries, you can download a top 250 list of phone models that are used the most in these countries.

For $250 you can now buy a CSV file that can be imported into all the main spreadsheet and analysis tools.

You will get the following data attributes:

  • Brand name
  • Phone model name
  • Market share
  • Relative popularity
  • Unique phone model ID


This information file is available in a CSV text file. This format is easy to import in any spreadsheet or data evaluation tool. The file will be comma separated and includes a header.

Sample set

You can download a free sample set of the file for each country. This test file only contains the first ten rows but should give you a good insight into what you can expect in the full download. Your full download includes all the 250 rows.

Payment and delivery

To download any of the phone model lists you need to provide your company details.

You can pay quickly and easily with PayPal. You will be charged only once for the file. If you want to buy another file, please follow the steps and pay again. If you want to buy more than three files at the same time, please contact us at contact@appbrain.com.

Your phone model overview file will be ready for download once you have paid successfully. You will also get an invoice and a download link by email to the registered email address. This download link will only be valid for 24 hours. Make sure to store the file locally to get access to it after 24 hours.


The content of the phone model overview file is updated on a daily basis. The following different data attributes are available for each phone model.

Header Type of data Data attribute description Data example
Rank Number This value shows the rank of the phone model within the country. Number 1 is the most used phone model. 1
Brand Text This value contains the Brand name of the phone model without any particular number or phone model name. Samsung
Phone model Text This value contains the unique phone model in human readable form and can include the Brand name. Galaxy S5
Market share Number This value contains the market share of this specific phone model in the selected country as a fraction. 0.030023
Relative popularity Number This value contains the relative popularity of this specific phone model as a fraction. Of all occurrences globally for this phone model, this percentage is seen in the selected country. 0.656843
Device Text The value of android.os.Build.DEVICE, see the Android documentation. kltevzw
Model Text The value of android.os.Build.MODEL, see the Android documentation. SM-G900V