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AppBrain API pricing

With the AppBrain API your software can search and browse for Android apps in Google Play, and retrieve information about them. This information includes the app’s description, icon or feature graphic URL, used libraries and a lot more.


The AppBrain API charges API credits for various calls. The following table shows an overview of how many credits each call costs.

Type of call Call Credits
Single app information getapp 1 credit
Get list of apps browse, search
4 credits for the first 10 results
2 credits for each additional 10
Other information calls getcountries, getlibraries 0 credits
Promotion campaign calls campaigns/{get,list,update} 0 credits

An overview of the remaining credits for your account for the remainder of the month is available on your dashboard under API Access.


Using the AppBrain API to fetch data about your own apps or the demo app (com.apptornado.dotmatch) is always free. On top of that, you can use 500 API credits per month for free. If you want to use more than 500 credits, please email us at contact@appbrain.com and indicate which of our paid plans you’d like to start using. The following table shows our API subscription plans:

Plan Quota Subscription fee
Free Up to 500 credits / month Free
Small Up to 50,000 credits / month $499/month
Medium Up to 250,000 credits / month $999/month
Enterprise More than 250,000 credits / month Contact us

Payment conditions

Once your paid subscription to the API has started, our system will withdraw the monthly fee from your AppBrain balance. When the plan is up for renewal, our system will try to charge your account three days before your subscription expires. If the charge fails, we’ll send you a warning email and keep trying to charge the fee again on the following days. If we cannot collect the fee before your subscription expires, then your access to the API will be restricted to the 500 free credits and another warning email will be sent.

We’ll continue to try charging the fee for another 7 days. Your subscription will renew for the next month on the day that one of our charges succeeds.

You may upgrade your subscription to get more API credits at any time. We’ll withdraw the new higher fee on the day that you indicate you want to upgrade. As soon as the fee is withdrawn, your subscription gets upgraded. If your current subscription has not expired by the time you upgrade, then we’ll refund you for the time that is unused.

You can also downgrade your subscription. In that case, your current subscription stays in effect until its expiration date, and three days before that we’ll withdraw the new lower fee from your balance.