Dash Stats Docs

Account & dashboard FAQΒΆ

I want to use your dashboard to view my apps’ Google Play market rankings. Is that free?

Yes, it is free. You’ll be only charged if you use AppBrain’s paid app promotion service.


I claimed my app on the AppBrain website, but I did not receive any verification emails. Which email account should I check?

The verification email is sent to the email address that appears on your app’s Google Play page under the developer contact information. We show the same email address on your app’s AppBrain page. (See the developer contact information on the ‘General Information’ tab, below your app icon).

I cannot claim my app on AppBrain, it says that the app has already been claimed by another user. How is that possible?

During registration each developer has to verify that he is the rightful owner of the app that he is trying to claim. AppBrain verifies the developer identity by sending a verification message to the email address that is registered on Google Play as the contact email to the developer. Only people with access to the mentioned email address can claim ownership of an app. If your app is claimed that is most probably because someone from your team has claimed it already. If you need assistance with logging in to AppBrain please contact our support team at contact@appbrain.com.

I would like to invite additional users to my AppBrain account. How can I do that?

Go to “Users” in the dashboard menu and send an invitation email to the people that you want to invite.

I cannot find my app on AppBrain. How can I add it?

If your app is not yet in our database, you can manually add your app to AppBrain.

I made some changes on my app’s Google Play page but those changes are not reflected on AppBrain yet. What should I do?

AppBrain automatically picks up the changes that you make on your app’s Google Play page. It may take 24-48 hours before you can see the changes on AppBrain. You can also do a manual refresh by adding your app’s Google Play URL here. The changes will go live within minutes.

I have several developer accounts on Google Play. Can I manage them all from the same AppBrain account and dashboard?

Yes, you can connect any numbers of developer accounts to your single AppBrain account.

How can I connect multiple Google Play developer accounts to my AppBrain account?

  1. Log into your AppBrain account.
  2. Pick an app from the Google Play developer account that you want to connect. Search for that app on AppBrain.
  3. When you find the app click it and go to the ‘Info for developers’ tab. Click the ‘Claim’ button.
  4. A verification email with a claim link will be sent to the email address that you registered on Google Play as the contact email to the developer. Open the email and click the link.

When you return to the dashboard you should see the connected developer account in a scroll down menu on the top of the dashboard. If there are more developer accounts that you’d like to connect, repeat the steps described above.