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Publishers payment FAQΒΆ

What is the minimum amount for payouts?

The minimum amount for PayPal is $25, in case of wire transfer it is $100. If your balance remains below the mentioned minimum limits, the revenue will be added to the next month’s payout. The revenue will continue to be rolled over to the next month until it reaches the minimum payout limit. For more information please see our terms of service.

Can I transfer my earnings to my promotion budget? Is there a minimum amount?

Yes, you can transfer your earnings to your promotion budget. The required minimum for the transfer is $10. When you transfer your earnings into your apps’ promotion budget you will automatically get a 10% bonus that’s added to your promotion budget as well.

Go to ‘Earnings’ in the dashboard menu and press ‘Promote my apps’ in the ‘Finalized Earnings’ field to make the transfer.

I recently requested a payout on the developer dashboard but did not receive my money yet. When will AppBrain process my request?

PayPal payouts are executed once per day. Wire transfers are executed once per week. Until that moment the transfer is shown as “pending” in the earnings overview. After executing the wire transfer, the funds may take a couple of days to be visible in your bank account.