Dash Stats Docs


public class AdOptions

Used to customize interstitials.



public AdOptions()


public AdId getAdId()
Returns:the currently set AdId.
public InterstitialListener getListener()
Returns:the currently set InterstitialListener.
public ScreenType getScreenType()
Returns:the currently set ScreenType.
public void setAdId(AdId adId)

Set the AdId for this interstitial, used to track different interstitials in your app.

public AdOptions setListener(InterstitialListener listener)

Set a listener class to listener for open, close and click events of interstitials.

public AdOptions setScreenType(ScreenType screenType)

Set whether to show the interstitial and offerwall in full screen or as a dialog. The default is ScreenType.FULLSCREEN. Note that when setting this to DIALOG, a dialog is only used when opening the interstitial from an Activity that is not finishing.