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public class AppBrainUserData

Class to hold data about a user. It has a builder-like pattern so you can chain calls like:


All fields are optional, so you can set any combination of them.



public AppBrainUserData addKeyword(String keyword)

Add a keyword. This can be anything relevant to the context of the user.

One example could be a word game with multiple categories “animals”, “sports”, “countries” and the keyword is then the last category the user played. Another example could be an app in which the user can type search queries, and the keyword can be the last search query of the user.

public AppBrainUserData addKeywords(Collection<String> keywords)

Add a collection of keywords relevant to the context of the user. See addKeyword(String).

public static AppBrainUserData create()
Returns:a new AppBrainUserData instance.
public Date getBirthDate()
Returns:the value set by setBirthDate(Date).
public Gender getGender()
Returns:the value set by setGender(Gender).
public Set<String> getKeywords()
Returns:all keywords added by addKeyword(String) or addKeywords(Collection).
public Location getLocation()
Returns:the value set by setLocation(Location).
public AppBrainUserData setBirthDate(Date date)

Allows you to set the user’s age. For young users COPPA compliance will be enabled automatically.

public AppBrainUserData setGender(Gender gender)

Allows you to set the user’s gender. Gender.UNKNOWN is the default.

public AppBrainUserData setLocation(Location location)

Set a recently retrieved location of the user (acquired from the android LocationManager or Google Play Service’s LocationClient).